£100 Worth Of scratch cards & £50 Lotto Lucky Dips


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ABsolutely amazing prize of £100 worth of scratch Cards and £50 Lotto Lucky Dips Draw.

Will you be the lucky one and win £££££££ with £100 worth of Scratch Cards and £50 in Lucky Dips on a Lotto draw?

Only 0.99p to play, it’s cheaper than buying one yourself!! Hahaha.

Competition Details

As always our #norolloverguarantee means this draw will be completed regardless of ticket sales, if we sell out before the timer runs out our draw will be carried out within 48hrs.

This competition will complete regardless of entries. The countdown time is set for 02/09/22, if the tickets are not all sold by this time we will still draw the entry and the winner will receive the prize state above. If the ticket allocation sells out before the timer has elapsed we will carry out the draw, draw time will be confirmed within 24hrs of tickets being sold out.

ABsolutely giving away amazing prizes.